ChartWatchers - The StockCharts Newsletter

ChartWatchers - The StockCharts Newsletter

Stay on top of the latest technical developments in the market with ChartWatchers, our free twice-monthly summary of the financial charting world. Each issue is jam-packed with market commentary by John Murphy, Carl Swenlin, Arthur Hill, and Richard Rhodes as well as the latest news about the website, bookstore specials, and Chip Anderson's educational articles.

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Archived Issues (Old Format)

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18 January 2009Technical Analysis 101, Bonds, Rally Failure, Euro, and Dollar
04 January 2009Stylebuttons, Intermarket trends, 2009 Hedging Strategies
14 December 2008ChartStyles, NYSE Breadth analysis
16 November 2008NYSE High-Low Line, Dow Battles Support
02 November 2008LIBOR, Repeating History
19 October 2008Overlaid Charts, Commodities Analysis
05 October 2008September Weakness, New Market Landscape
21 September 2008Financial Stock, The “Risk Aversion” Chart, The Bottom?
06 September 2008Why Fibonacci Lines Work, More S&P 500 Declines Ahead?
17 August 2008“Weathering” the market, Ascending Wedge Implications
02 August 2008Keltner Channels, Economists Late, IWM and QQQQ
19 July 2008Pinning Annotations, Bad News for Bonds, Poor Sentiment
06 July 2008Price Increase, Sector Rotation, Universal Login
21 June 2008ChartNotes Improvements, S&P Energy Outlook, Financials Not Helping
07 June 2008Time Independent Charting, Bearish Forecasts
17 May 2008Web Accelerator Dangers, Commodity Countries Hit New Highs
04 May 2008Ichimoku Cloud Charts, Oil and Natural Gas charts
19 April 2008Kagi and Renko charts, Suspicious gaps, IMW
06 April 2008Metal and oil service stocks breaking out
16 March 2008Displaced Moving Average Ribbons
02 March 2008Yen, Case for the Bear Market
17 February 2008Market Breadth, Bond ETFs, the Line Chart advantage
03 February 2008Getting started all over again, January barometer
20 January 2008A “Bear-y” Bearish Issue! Lots of non-optimism
06 January 2008S&P Bullish Percent, Rates, Bonds, Retest Still Underway
16 December 2007Price Objectives, Retail Weakness
18 November 2007The ETF trap, Don't Give up on the Bulls!
04 November 2007Banking stocks, Gold, Net New Highs
20 October 2007October “Issues” Issue
07 October 2007Fall special and free shipping!, Dow Transports

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