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 +====== ChartWatchers - The StockCharts Newsletter ======
 +Stay on top of the latest technical developments in the market with ChartWatchers,​ our free twice-monthly summary of the financial charting world. ​ Each issue is jam-packed with market commentary by John Murphy, Carl Swenlin, Arthur Hill, and Richard Rhodes as well as the latest news about the website, bookstore specials, and Chip Anderson'​s educational articles.
 +ChartWatchers is published on the first and third weekend of each month and distributed via HTML email and on our website. ​ It is completely free. is committed to protecting the privacy of our subscribers. ​ [[http://​​forums/​31090/​entries/​21020|Click here]] to read our Privacy Statement.
 +===== Subscribing to ChartWatchers =====
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 +ChartWatchers is now published as an online blog.  [[http://​​articles/​chartwatchers/​|Click here]] to see the latest articles.
 +You can also subscribe to the email version of ChartWatchers by entering your email address into the box at the bottom of [[http://​|our homepage]].
 +===== Archived Issues (Old Format) =====
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 +** ChartWatchers archives going back to 2004 are now available in Blog format in [[http://​​chartwatchers/​|the ChartWatchers Blog]]. **
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20090118/​|18 January 2009]]|Technical Analysis 101, Bonds, Rally Failure, Euro, and Dollar|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20090104/​|04 January 2009]]|Stylebuttons,​ Intermarket trends, 2009 Hedging Strategies|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20081214/​|14 December 2008]]|ChartStyles,​ NYSE Breadth analysis|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20081116/​|16 November 2008]]|NYSE High-Low Line, Dow Battles Support|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20081102/​|02 November 2008]]|LIBOR,​ Repeating History|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20081019/​|19 October 2008]]|Overlaid Charts, Commodities Analysis|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20081005/​|05 October 2008]]|September Weakness, New Market Landscape|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080921/​|21 September 2008]]|Financial Stock, The "Risk Aversion"​ Chart, The Bottom?|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080906/​|06 September 2008]]|Why Fibonacci Lines Work, More S&P 500 Declines Ahead?|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080817/​|17 August 2008]]|"​Weathering"​ the market, Ascending Wedge Implications|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080802/​|02 August 2008]]|Keltner Channels, Economists Late, IWM and QQQQ|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080719/​|19 July 2008]]|Pinning Annotations,​ Bad News for Bonds, Poor Sentiment|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080706/​|06 July 2008]]|Price Increase, Sector Rotation, Universal Login|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080622/​|21 June 2008]]|ChartNotes Improvements,​ S&P Energy Outlook, Financials Not Helping|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080608/​|07 June 2008]]|Time Independent Charting, Bearish Forecasts|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080517/​|17 May 2008]]|Web Accelerator Dangers, Commodity Countries Hit New Highs|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080504/​|04 May 2008]]|Ichimoku Cloud Charts, Oil and Natural Gas charts|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080419/​|19 April 2008]]|Kagi and Renko charts, Suspicious gaps, IMW|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​20080406/​|06 April 2008]]|Metal and oil service stocks breaking out|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080315m.html|16 March 2008]]|Displaced Moving Average Ribbons|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080301m.html|02 March 2008]]|Yen, Case for the Bear Market|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080216m.html|17 February 2008]]|Market Breadth, Bond ETFs, the Line Chart advantage|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080203m.html|03 February 2008]]|Getting started all over again, January barometer|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080120m.html|20 January 2008]]|A "​Bear-y"​ Bearish Issue! Lots of non-optimism|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20080106m.html|06 January 2008]]|S&​P Bullish Percent, Rates, Bonds, Retest Still Underway|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20071215m.html|16 December 2007]]|Price Objectives, Retail Weakness|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20071117m.html|18 November 2007]]|The ETF trap, Don't Give up on the Bulls!|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20071103m.html|04 November 2007]]|Banking stocks, Gold, Net New Highs|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20071020m.html|20 October 2007]]|October "​Issues"​ Issue|
 +||[[http://​​commentary/​archives/​cww20071006m.html|07 October 2007]]|Fall special and free shipping!, Dow Transports|
 +Archives: [[http://​​newsletter/​|1999 - Current]]