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 +====== Glossary - X ======
 +[[:​glossary_a|A]] [[:​glossary_b|B]] [[:​glossary_c|C]] [[:​glossary_d|D]] [[:​glossary_e|E]] [[:​glossary_f|F]] [[:​glossary_g|G]] [[:​glossary_h|H]] [[:​glossary_i|I]] [[:​glossary_j|J]] [[:​glossary_k|K]] [[:​glossary_l|L]] [[:​glossary_m|M]] [[:​glossary_n|N]] [[:​glossary_o|O]] [[:​glossary_p|P]] [[:​glossary_q|Q]] [[:​glossary_r|R]] [[:​glossary_s|S]] [[:​glossary_t|T]] [[:​glossary_u|U]] [[:​glossary_v|V]] [[:​glossary_w|W]] **X** [[:​glossary_y|Y]] [[:​glossary_z|Z]]
 +==== X ====
 +A fifth character appearing at the end of a security'​s ticker symbol that identifies the security as a mutual fund.  For example, the symbol for the PRIMECAP Odyssey Stock Fund (POSKX) ends in an X to denote that the security is a mutual fund.