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 +====== Glossary - Z ======
 +[[:​glossary_a|A]] [[:​glossary_b|B]] [[:​glossary_c|C]] [[:​glossary_d|D]] [[:​glossary_e|E]] [[:​glossary_f|F]] [[:​glossary_g|G]] [[:​glossary_h|H]] [[:​glossary_i|I]] [[:​glossary_j|J]] [[:​glossary_k|K]] [[:​glossary_l|L]] [[:​glossary_m|M]] [[:​glossary_n|N]] [[:​glossary_o|O]] [[:​glossary_p|P]] [[:​glossary_q|Q]] [[:​glossary_r|R]] [[:​glossary_s|S]] [[:​glossary_t|T]] [[:​glossary_u|U]] [[:​glossary_v|V]] [[:​glossary_w|W]] [[:​glossary_x|X]] [[:​glossary_y|Y]] **Z**
 +==== ZigZag ====
 +An overlay consisting of straight lines that connect significant tops and bottoms on a price graph. Its user-configurable parameter allows chartists to define "​significant"​ as a certain percentage price change. The overlay will ignore all price changes below this percentage, highlighting important movements and ignoring noise on the chart. The ZigZag overlay does not predict trends and should not be used on its own. See our ChartSchool article on [[:​technical_indicators:​zigzag|ZigZag]].