Dow Jones Select Indices

Dow Jones Select Indices


Dow Jones publishes a group of “Select” indices, which are special because their components must meet a minimum requirement for market capitalization. The component weightings are then capped to ensure a certain degree of diversification. This ensures that a few large-cap issues do not dominate these indices.


Symbol Group: Dow Jones Select Indices 

Publisher: S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC

Update Frequency: Intraday or end-of-day (EOD)

Online Source:

Current Symbols: Catalog link 


Some of the Dow Jones Select Indices have the words “total return” in their name. A total return index includes all distributions (e.g. dividends) to provide a more realistic picture of investor return.

Intraday data is available for some of these indices, but others are updated after the close (end-of-day data (EOD)). Indices based in the Far East tend to be updated after the US markets close. Indices based in Europe tend to have intraday data. Check the symbol catalog and name for the update frequency. Names with “(EOD)” are updated after the market close.

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DJ Select Indices

DJ Select Indices

Symbol List users can access an up-to-date list of symbols for all our Dow Jones Select Indices. From this list, click the “Mentions” icon to the right of a specific symbol for more details about the symbol, as well as recent mentions in Public ChartLists, blog articles, and more.